A Beautiful Way to Go:
New York's Green-Wood Cemetery

Museum of the City of New York (MCNY)
Curated by Donald Albrecht
Designed with Abbott Miller (CD) and Chris Adamick, Pentagram
Installation photography by Bilyana Dimitrova

A Beautiful Way to Go commemorated the 175th anniversary of Green-Wood Cemetery, a bucolic landscape in Brooklyn, New York. Green-Wood's lush, rolling hills and pastoral countryside served as a respite from the bustle of metropolitan life, and would later inspire the design of Central Park, Prospect Park, and the first suburb, Llewelyn Park in New Jersey.

Historic maps of the cemetery were spliced together and folded into the gallery, creating an immersive environment for museum visitors to explore the grounds.

Artifacts were displayed within glowing, lantern-like vitrines positioned throughout the gallery near the burial sites of the famous "residents" to which they belonged.